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Resident Families

At the Leamington Mennonite Home, we value the involvement of family members in the lives of our residents. We have different services available to resident families to make their visits more convenient whenever possible, such as room rentals and meal provisions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the services available to you as a resident family member, please contact the Front Office - 519-326-6109.

Room Reservations

Room Reservations

Different rooms around our Home are available for the use of residents and their families as needed, whether for a special occasion or an every-day visit. We ask that reservations be made the day before the desired date at the latest.

To reserve a room, contact the

Front Office at 519-326-6109.

Click HERE to view our full list of rooms available and applicable prices.

Internet Access

Internet access is available throughout the Retirement Residence and Long Term Care Home. If you wish to connect your devices, please bring them to the Front Office where a staff member can enter the Internet password for you.

Caregiver Support Group

Caregiver Support Group

Our Social Worker hosts a monthly support group for the family members of our residents with dementia. We go over a different topic every month pertaining to dementia-related topics and sometimes have guest speakers.

Contact Megan Klassen for more information:

519-326-6109 ext.292

Quarterly Newsletter

The LMH Beacon is published four times a year at the beginning of March, June, September, and December. Each resident receives a copy, and a PDF version is sent via email to resident families.

Click HERE to view past copies

Quarterly Newsletter
Out-of-Town Accommodations

Out-Of-Town Accommodations

Are you visiting from out of town and looking for a place nearby to stay?

Try one of our local partners!​

Click HERE for more information

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