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Complaints Policy


Acting in accordance with the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 the Leamington Mennonite Home ensures that LTCH staff are open to the opinions and perspectives of residents, resident family members, visitors, and volunteers by creating an environment that encourages individuals to voice concerns without judgement. All received complaints are processed with the goal of facilitating dialogue and providing a timely and mutually agreed upon resolution.


Director: For this policy, unless otherwise states, “Director” refers to the Director, Performance Improvement and Compliance Branch, Health System Accountability and Performance Division, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Regulation: For this policy, unless otherwise stated, “regulation” refers to the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (O. Reg. 79/10).

Home: For this policy, unless otherwise stated, “Home” refers to the Leamington Mennonite Home.


The Leamington Mennonite Home shall ensure that every written or verbal complaint communicated to the Leamington Mennonite Home or to a staff member of the Home concerning the care of a resident or operation of the Home is processed as follows, in accordance with the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (section 101).

  1. All received complaints shall be documented utilizing the Leamington Mennonite Home Long Term Care Complaint Record and the Leamington Mennonite Home Long Term Care Complain Log

  2. The complaint shall then be forwarded to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

  3. A member of the Senior Leadership Team will contact the appropriate resident/resident representative or other individual to clarify the complaint with an agreed upon resolution to the complaint. The response to the complaint will be provided within ten business days of the receipt of complaint. Where the complaint alleges harm or risk of harm to one or more residents, misuse or misappropriation of a resident’s money or misuse or misappropriation of funding provided to the Home or under the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006 the investigation shall be commenced immediately, inclusive of immediate reporting to the Director. See the Leamington United Mennonite Home and Apartments Policy & Procedure Section C Policy B: Critical Incident Reporting.

  4. For those complaints that cannot be investigate and resolved withing ten business days, the Home must acknowledge receipt of the complaint, via writing, withing ten business days of receiving the complaint and must include the date when the complainant can be reasonably expect a resolution. The Home must also provide, as soon as possible, a follow-up response that indicates what the Home has done to resolve the complaint, or that the Home believes the complaint to be unfounded and the reasons for this belief.

  5. If the resident, resident family member, visitor, or volunteer is not satisfied with the resolution and seeks further processing of the complaint, the following Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care contact information will be provided:

    • call the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Action Line:T


    • To view the Long-Term Care Home Complaint Process online:

    • To send a written letter by mail:
      Long-Term Care Inspections Branch
      Long-Term Care Homes Division
      Central Intake, Assessment and Triage Team (CIATT)
      119 King Street West, 11th Floor

      Hamilton, ON  L8P 4Y7

    • Patient Ombudsman if the Leamington Mennonite Home and the Long-Term Care Action Line have been contacted and a satisfactory resolution has not been reached. They may be contacted:To contact the

      Online at
      or by calling 1-888-321-0339 (toll free) TTY: 416-597-5371

    • To make an inquiry, report an issue or file a complaint, homes, residents or the public should contact the RHRA at:

      • Phone: 416-440-3570
        Toll-Free: 1-855-ASK-RHRA (1-855-275-7472)
        Fax: 1-855-631-0170

      • Written complaints can also be sent to the RHRA and mailed to the following address:​

        • Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority
          55 York Street, Suite 700
          Toronto, ON
          M5J 1R7

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