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Room Reservations
LTC Lounge.jpg
Located on LTC Floors 1, 2, and 3

Each floor in Long Term Care has a Lounge to the right of the Dining Room. Each Lounge contains a couch and two tables that seat four people each. The second and third floor Lounges each have a television. They each also have a balcony or patio that can be used during the warmer seasons.

Located on LTC Floor 2

The Terrace is located on Floor 2 of Long Term Care on the south end of the building, overlooking our parking lot. It contains 3 tables and 20 chairs - extra chairs and tables can be provided for a $25 fee.

Located in RR

The Library is located near the RR Dining Room and can be reserved free of charge. It can comfortably seat 12 people. 

Craft Room.jpg
Berg Lounge
Located in RR

The Berg Lounge is located on the northwest corner of the Retirement Residence. It includes enough tables and chairs for 20 people, two couches, and a television.

Please note that full meals will not be allowed in the Berg Lounge. Beverages and finger foods are acceptable.

Located on LTC Floor 1

The Chapel is located in the northern hallway on the first floor (between the Front Office and the Hair Salon). This room includes chairs and a television.

Craft Room
Located in RR

The Craft Room is located in the west wing of the Retirement Residence. This room can comfortably seat 25 people and includes use of the oven/stove and sink. The Retirement Courtyard is accessible from this room.

Berg Lounge3.jpg
JC Neufeld Place of Fellowship
Located in RR

The JC Neufeld Place of Fellowship (or the Auditorium) is attached to the Retirement Residence Dining Room. This room can comfortably seat 100 people. Tables and chairs can be provided if need be.

Additional Fees

$30 for 1-12 people
$75 for 13-50 people

May include plates, cutlery, china cups, glasses, napkins, etc.

Coffee & Tea
$30 for 1-12 people
$75 for 13-50 people

Includes disposable cups, stir sticks, milk, and sugar

LMH Meal
$7 per person
$8 during holidays

Please note that we do not serve breakfast

All extras can be paid by cash, cheque, or charge to resident account.
Payments should be made before the date of the reservation.

To book the use of one of our rooms, please contact the Front Office

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