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Personal Assistive Services Device (PASD) Policy


The Leamington Mennonite Home values the freedom, movement, and independence of each resident. The Home endeavors to follow a policy of least restrictive devices that ensure resident freedom and quality of life. When there is a need for a Personal Assistive Services Device (PASD), the Home will ensure all alternative methods have been trialed.


Personal Assistive Services Device, being a device used to assist a person with a routine activity of living. The purpose of a PASD is to aid with activities of daily living and is not considered a restraint. A PASD for the Leamington Mennonite Home will consist of the use of a tabletop and /or a seatbelt or tilt feature on a wheelchair.


  • When all alternative interventions/methods have been trialed to assist a resident with a routine activity of living, a PASD will be recommended by the Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA) with the assistance of the multidisciplinary team. An assessment by the Occupational Therapist will be completed (and documented) can also be approved by the Physician, RN, RPN, Physiotherapist.)

  • When a PASD has been recommended the consent must be obtained from either the resident or POA/resident’s substitute decision maker (SDM) with the authority to give that consent.

  • When there is a PASD used, the resident care plan must reflect this plan of care for the individual stating the goal for use, when it is being used, for how long it is in use, and why the PASD is being used.

  • A PASD is applied / engaged by the PSW, Activity Aide, RN or RPN etc. for specific use to the routine activity of living and removed after completion of the ADL. Or in the case of tilt use on a wheelchair refer to the Plan of Care for individualized instructions. A resident has the right to determine the degree of tilt being used for comfort / rest periods.

  • The PASD must be used / operated as outlined by the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • The resident response to the PASD is monitored and recorded on the daily flow sheets.

The use of a PASD for the resident must be reviewed quarterly, annually and any change in health status by the OTA and documented in electronic records. This will be documented on the care plan quarterly, change in status and at the care conference annually.

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