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Resident Care Policies & Procedures
Activities of Daily Living
Admission of a Resident (LTC) | Admission of a Resident (RR)

Aggressive Behaviour (LTC)
Allergic Reactions

Bed Entrapment Program (LTC)
Behaviour Interventions (LTC) | Behaviour Management (RR)
Bladder Audit
Bowel Elimination Mapping
Bowel Routine

Call Bell (LTC) | Call Bell (RR)
Carbolization of Resident Furniture
Care Directives
Charting - Abbreviations to be used
Charting - Daily Flow Sheet
Charting for Care Plans and Conferences (LTC) Charting for Care Plans and Conferences (RR)

Choking: Danger of Choking While Eating
Choking Emergency
Choking: Residents Eating in Their Rooms
Cleaning Up and Disposal of Bodily Fluids
Cognitive & Intellectual Programming
Cold & Hot Pack Application
Comfort, Rest, & Sleeping
Communicable Diseases - See Infection Control Manual
Consent (RR)
Continence Care
Continence Care Products and Scheduled Changing of Resident
Consultation and Special Services
Correction Procedure
C Difficile

Diagnostic Services
Discharge of Resident
Documentation in Resident Health Records

Elevator Safety
Emergency Procedure - Loss of Heat
Emergency Procedure - Loss of Hydro
Emergency Response to Hairdresser
Enternal Feeding
Eye Glass Care (LTC) | Eye Glass Care (RR)

Eye Infections - See Infection Control Manual

Fall Prevention & Management (LTC) | Fall Prevention & Management (RR)
Fall Risk Assessment (LTC)
Food Preparation
Foot Assessment

Glove Use

Head Injury (LTC)
Hearing Aid and Hearing Test Referrals (LTC)
Hearing Aide Care (LTC)
Hearing Aid Care & Support, Hearing Test Referrals (RR)

Hot Weather Measures and Protocols, Resident: Protection Plan

Infection Control
Infection Control Committee
Infection Control - Daily Infection Surveillance
Infection Control - Outbreak
Infection Control - Tuberculin Testing

Leave of Absense - Resident (LTC) | Leave of Absense - Resident (RR)
Loaned Eqipment Use
Locked Areas
Lost Resident Clothing

MRSA - See Infection Control Manual
Medical Directives
Medication Administration
Medication Error Reporting
Medication Receiving & Transcribing
Medication Review: Every 3 Months
Medication Storage & Drug Destruction
Minimizing Restraints
Missing Resident
Mobility Assessment
Monthly Review: Mars and Tars

Nutritional Care
Assistive Eating Devices
Daily Resident Snack
Diet Order Glossary
Dietary Education Requirements
Dietary Profile and Nutrition Assessment
Dietary Staffing
Dining Experience
Food Preparation
Food Storage
Meal Service
Menu Planning
Resident Assistance & Encouragement
Resident Food Records
Resident Hydration
Resident Nutrition
Resident Supplements

Oral/Teeth Assessment
Oxygen Use - Low Flow
Outbreak - Pandemic Protocols

Pain Assessment Policy
Pain Management Philosophy
Pain Management Protocol
Personal Assistive Services Devices (PASD)
Personal Health Information and Integrated Assessment Record Consent (LTC)
Physician's Medical Summary
Privacy & Security of Personal Health Information (LTC)
Provision of Care & Services
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter

Recidivism/Recurrences (LTC) | Recidivism/Recurrences (RR)
Recreation & Leisure Activities
Rehabilitation/Restorative Care Program: Nursing
Reporting of Residents' Condition
Resident Appointments
Resident Complaints (LTC) | Resident Complaints (RR)

Resident Council
Resident Incident Report
Resident Safety & Security
Resident's Rights

Sexual Intimacy, Expression of...
Signature Record
Skin Care and Wound Management (LTC) | Skin Care and Wound Management (RR)

Skin Care and Wound Management Team (LTC)
Soiled Laundry
Specialized Dementia: Recreation Therapy Program
Spiritual Care of Residents

Therapy Services
Therapy Services: Aids and Equipment
Transfer of Residents - Internal
Transfer - Resident to Hospital
Transportation of Residents
Tuberculin Testing - 
See Infection Control Manual
Tuck Shop

Use of Hi-Low Bed (LTC)

Wandering Resident (LTC)
Weight Monitoring - Protocol (LTC)
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