2021 Inservice Education
Fire Safety

Long Term Care Fire binders are located on all three floors in the Activity Rooms, Nurses Stations, Housekeeping-Laundry Room, Maintenance Room, Kitchen, Reception, and in all Department Leaders' and Administrator's offices.

Retirement Residence Fire Binders can be found at the Retirement Resident Nursing Station, Housekeeping-Laundry, Maintenance, Reception, and all Department Leaders' and Administrator's offices.

Please check Fire Binders for information regarding your placement on the staff list for evacuation.

RACE and Evacuscape Chair Demonstration
P - PULL the pin

A - AIM the hose

S - SQUEEZE the handle

S - SWEEP the fire

Fire extinguishers are located throughout the Home in Long Term Care and Retirement.

All fire extinguishers are rated ABC for all types of fires. An ARS-15-4 Automatic Dry Chemical Extinguisher is located above the stove in the kitchen.

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