2022 Inservice Education

The Leamington Mennonite Home has a policy of zero tolerance for any type of abuse that may occur at the Home. The Home will be proactive and responsive in its ongoing management of abuse prevention, intervention, and education.

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Duty to Report

It is the duty of staff in both the Long Term Care Home and Retirement Residence to report cases of abuse and/or neglect. A person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that any of the following has occurred or may occur shall immediately report the suspicion and information on which it is based to the Director:

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Whistleblower Protection legally protects staff who report abuse and neglect. The Whistleblower Protection Act contained in the Long Term Care regulations states that no person shall retaliate against another person, whether by action or omission, or threaten to do so because they have reported abuse or neglect of a resident or suspicion of to the appropriate authority.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Leamington Mennonite Home maintains a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to any form of abuse as defined in the Abuse Policy and Procedure.  The Zero Tolerance Policy ensures that:

  • Prevention, education and awareness of abuse remain the foundation of the Abuse Policy.

  • No exceptions occur.

  • No abuse, assault, neglect or any threat or intimidation as defined in the Policy is tolerated.

  • The Abuse Policy is always enforced and is applied to all individuals present at the Leamington Mennonite Home.

Zero Tolerance further means that the Leamington Mennonite Home shall:

  • Build awareness of, and educate, to achieve the goal of elimination of abuse.

  • Allow no exceptions.

  • Tolerate no abusive behaviour, and

  • Require strict compliance and enforcement.